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IT equipment reused and recycled

Platinum, copper, mercury, arsenic, silicon, flame retardant plastics, … – the list of resources required to manufacture IT equipment is long. Moreover, large amounts of energy are consumed during the production process as well as during the lifetime of the computers in homes and offices. This alone is good reason for SAP Global IT to optimize the lifecycle of SAP’s IT equipment.

Its sustainable asset lifecycle management program starts with the careful selection of IT products and ends with optimal disposal or reuse. During the complete lifecycle, SAP makes choices that lead to good ecological balance. As a result, nearly all of the PCs and laptops in use at SAP now meet the energy-efficiency standards of international eco-labels. In addition, IT equipment is consistently reused. PCs, for example, are used by developers and then passed on to office users. IT equipment that is no longer functioning is sold or recycled by our global certified disposal partner. The disposal partner’s recycling sites are registered and audited by government organizations. They have relevant licenses and most hold ISO 14001 environmental management certificates. Further our partner continuously seeks to recover higher proportions of material for recycling.

Find more information on Global IT’s Green IT activities here in the portal (SSO only).



More than 80,000 devices

Did you know that SAP has more than 80,000 computers and laptops in use? We now strive for a ratio of maximum 1.11 devices per employee.

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What can each of us do?

Return, reuse, recycle

Do you have unused IT equipment in your office? Return it now to Global IT via the IT support ticket SR-HW-RETURN ! This way, it will either be reused or recycled and reduce costs and negative environmental impact!

If you are located in St. Leon-Rot, you can furthermore participate in the IT Recycling Days  starting June 17!


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