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Saving electricity using SAP

Have you ever wondered how you can manage the energy use of hundreds of buildings around the globe? For SAP’s Global Facility Management (GFM), the answer is easy: with SAP products, of course! SAP runs SAP, and GFM employs SAP’s Flexible Real Estate Management solution, RE-FX. It allows them to store and manage the details of every one of nearly 500 sites around the world in a collective database.

What’s more, for the purpose of up-to-date energy reporting, SAP developed a unique survey tool for RE-FX. It sends out a quarterly survey to over 120 facility managers around the world. The results are compiled and submitted as part of our corporate quarterly reporting – they are also audited each year by KPMG.

“The RE-FX survey tool is good, but we want to improve our data quality even further,” says Bill Rinsma, Head of SAP Real Estate and responsible for Sustainability at GFM. “In 2012, we have begun working in cooperation with SAP Development and SAP Sustainability Operations to develop a new and fully automated data gathering and reporting tool. It connects directly with smart meters and building management software to provide real time automated global energy use reporting.” With clarity around where and how energy is being used, we can focus efforts on reducing energy in the most effective ways. Welcome to the future of energy management!



Finding the champion

How’s the energy efficiency in your location compared to others? Who is the energy saving champion? The energy tracker on the portal will let you know (link works for SSO only).

What can each of us do?

Keep your eyes open!

Find out more about the cool GFM projects to reduce SAP’s carbon footprint and how you can contribute if you keep your eyes open (access here via SSO only)!

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