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Tracking 2,000 chemicals in 10,000 products using SAP

2 billion consumers per day and 400 brands in the areas of nutrition, health, and wellbeing – that’s the business of Unilever, one of the big global players in consumer goods. In 2010, Unilever committed to its sustainable living plan. One of the key targets of that plan is to halve the company’s environmental impact over the next 10 years. But legal compliance is also an issue. And it is one that Unilever tackles with the help of SAP.

 “The European Union’s chemical management legislation REACH has triggered us to fully understand where chemicals in our products are actually coming from and where they are going to”, says Peter Freunscht, Head of Regulatory Compliance of Unilever Europe. Unilever has a portfolio of about 10,000 home and personal care products in Europe which use about 2,000 different chemicals in various combinations – that’s a lot of information that needs to be processed. “[The SAP system] enables us to achieve the full compliance of our product portfolio across Europe with a lot less effort. […] SAP has made Unilever’s management of its regulatory information more efficient – and we are more efficient in […] understanding our obligations under the REACH legislation”.

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