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Healthy and balanced people are key for innovation – it will not happen without you!

In our hectic daily lives and fast paced environment, we often neglect one thing: ourselves. To work sustainably and live healthy, we have to look after ourselves and balance our personal resources – both mind and body. This includes our physical, mental, social resources as well as skills & competencies. In doing so we manage our performance potential without exhausting ourselves.

Staying fit makes work more enjoyable – and us more productive. We offer a range of preventive measures to help employees around the world keep their minds and bodies in shape and enable them to reach the right balance and their creative potential. 

Among others, a broad range of virtual sessions and local activities are offered during People & Diversity Week from June 10-14 to help you explore the power of your personal resources! You will get the chance to find out more about good reasons to invest in your health and balance and how you can take ownership.

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A double whammy

Sustainability and health – that’s like a double whammy. Hear Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer at SAP talk about how both are related and what he recommends each of us to do for better balance and health (SSO only).


Fuel your future!

Join People & Diversity Week 2013 and leverage the broad range of global and local offerings. Find all the details and registration links here (SSO only).


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