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Overview > Decoding our DNA is rewarding

Decoding our DNA is rewarding

Scanning all the codes will give you insight into facts and stories related to our vision, innovation, sustainability and how you can become active. At the same time, you will increase your chances to win! All you need to do is to register with your SAP e-mail address and find out what’s behind each of the codes. With a little luck, you might be drawn for one of the inspiring prizes that are fun and help you contribute:

1st Prize: Go virtual

Choose a Kindle Touch or an Online Newspaper Subscription

An eReader as a prize for sustainability? Yes, it definitely helps to save paper. Besides, the carbon footprint caused by its production and usage corresponds to that of about 40 new books. The low energy consumption is one contributor to this surprising CO2 footprint. That’s because a Kindle only consumes energy when turning a page and thereby makes its battery last up to 2 months compared to 5-10 hours on average for tablets (depending on the device). Click here for a more detailed comparison of eReaders and paper books. If you have got an eReader already, you might prefer to enjoy your newspaper virtually and choose an online newspaper subscription amounting to 120 Euro instead.

2nd and 3rd Prize: Reduce Energy

A solar battery charger or a solar radio

True, a decade ago the production of photovoltaic panels used up more resources than the panels could save during their lifetime. Yet, since 2008 at least, solar energy has shown to have a better eco bottom line than conventional energy sources – even including the emissions and pollution created by the panel production. A US study shows that in comparison to the conventional energy usage, solar energy emits 90 % less harmful substances. In addition to the benefits this amazing technological progress brings regarding solar panels, a portable solar energy charger gives you the possibility to always charge your cell phone or other appliances with renewable energies – no matter whether you are on a business drip or fighting for our planet on an arctic ice shell. Prefer to have music with you anytime anywhere independent of any power socket? In that case, you might rather go for a solar radio (each device amounting to 30 Euro max.).

4th to 6th Prize: Improve lives

An Oxfam unwrapped gift of your choice

Oxfam Unwrapped are unexpected gift ideas that will help improve the life of a person living in poverty. From water jugs to school books or goats, all Oxfam Unwrapped gifts benefit those in need. If you win, you may select a gift from the Oxfam Unwrapped gift catalogs amounting to 20 Euro and be able to make a difference.