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Have you ever considered what a unique opportunity we have at SAP? We have a reach across 183,000 customers around the globe. We have our innovation, our technology, and you, our people. This enables us to have a positive impact in the world while remaining a profitable business. It’s a privilege we shouldn’t take for granted.

Decode our corporate DNA and see what makes us special. Is it the enterprise resource planning ability in our genes? Is it our drive to find new ways of embedding innovation and sustainability in our business processes and solutions?

Find out now and get inspired to join in and contribute!

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A common goal

What exactly is SAP doing to promote sustainability? What are our goals – and what opportunities can we give the world? Let our Co-CEO explain it to you.

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What can each of us do?

Get active!

Start thinking about how you, too, can embed sustainability into your daily work. Discuss with your team what specific contribution you can make in your roles – we can help you set up a workshop! The more each of us make sustainability an integral part of our business, the higher our impact will be!

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